Beautification Commission

From the Code of Ordinances:


The Commission shall have the following function: it shall be the duty of the Commission to study, conceive, formulate, promulgate and develop plans for the beautification of streets, highways, alleys, utility installations, parks, streams, playgrounds, yards, lots and buildings; to study, investigate and develop plans for improving the health, sanitation, safety and cleanliness of the city; to foster the prevention of fires, diseases and other public hazards; to encourage and recommend the placing, planting and preservation of trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery and other objects of ornamentation in the city; to collect, study and evaluate information on community improvements and to make recommendations thereon; to sponsor, plan, coordinate and carry out the annual spring Clean-Up Paint-Up Fix-Up campaign activities and to otherwise promote public interest in the general improvement of the appearance of the city; provided, however, that nothing herein shall be construed to abridge, invade, supplant or change the powers or duties of the other commissions, departments, boards and agencies of the city.

(Ord. 353, passed 3-28-1974)


Current Members

Jessica Paris (Chair) (expires 5/1/2025)
Julia Sosin (expires 5/1/2025)
Sean Cote (expires 5/1/2024)
Angela Fortino (expires 5/1/2024)
Romana Choudhury (expires 5/1/2023)
Julianne Bursinger (expires 5/1/2021)


Meeting Minutes