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City Controller

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2023-24 Summary Budget


From the City Charter: Sec. 9-05 Powers and Duties of City Controller

The city controller shall be appointed by the city manager, subject to approval by a majority vote of the council- and mayor-elect, and shall hold office at the pleasure of the city manager, and shall be directly responsible to the city manager. He shall be a qualified and competent accountant and shall be the chief financial officer of the city.

The functions and duties of the city controller shall be as follows:

(a) He shall receive and audit all accounts and demands against the City and prepare vouchers for the same. Such accounts and demands, or such parts thereof, as to the correctness of which he has no doubt, he shall list in the order of their allowance, and certify to the council the correctness of the same. Such accounts and demands concerning which he has any doubt as to their correctness, he shall list separate from those allowed by him, and send them to the council with his objections.

(b) After the allowance by the council of any account or demand, the city clerk shall certify the same to the city controller, who shall draw his warrant upon the city treasurer, which warrant shall be countersigned by the city treasurer, city controller, and city manager. The controller shall not sign such warrants until he has first registered the same against the fund or funds from which they are payable.

(c) He shall keep a complete set of books exhibiting the financial conditions of the City, with all its resources and liabilities, in its various departments and funds.

(d) He shall keep a bond register in which shall be entered a record of all bonds issued by the City, with the name, amount, and the date thereof, and complete details of all coupons attached thereto.

(e) He shall keep an account of all funds, taxes, receipts, and expenditures of the City, as obtained from the daily reports of receipts and disbursements received by him from the city treasurer.

Sec. 9-06 Monthly, annual financial statements, contents; funds, management, liability; records, bond required

(a) Within three weeks after the end of each month, the controller shall present to the council and city manager a financial statement of the City for the preceding month, which statement shall


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