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City Clerk

City Clerk

City Clerk – Rana Faraj

Phone: (313) 800-5233 ext. 821
Fax: (313) 338-3186


From the City Charter, Sec. 9-04: Powers and duties

The city clerk shall be appointed by the city manager, subject to approval by a majority vote of the council- and mayor-elect, and shall hold office at the pleasure of the city manager and shall be directly responsible to the city manager. The functions and duties of the city clerk shall be as follows:

(a) The clerk shall be the clerk of the council. He shall give notice of its meetings, attend all meetings of the council, and shall keep a permanent, written or printed journal of its proceedings in the English language. He shall keep a record of all ordinances, resolutions, and actions of the council.

(b) He shall have the power to administer all oaths required by state law, this charter and the ordinances of the city.

(c) He shall be the custodian of the city seal and shall affix it to all documents and instruments requiring the seal and shall attest to the same. He shall also be custodian of all papers, documents, and records pertinent to the City, the custody of which is not otherwise provided for by this charter. All records of the city shall be made available to the general public in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, MCL 15.231 to 15.246. He shall give to the proper officers of the City ample notice of the expiration or termination of any official bonds, franchises, contracts, or agreements to which the City is a party.

(d) He shall at all times cooperate with the city manager and provide such information and reports and perform such duties as are requested by the city manager, so long as they are not inconsistent with the duties of his office as herein provided.

(e) He shall certify by his signature all ordinances, resolutions, and minutes enacted or passed by the council and perform other duties required of him by state or federal law, this charter, the council, and ordinances of the city.

(f) He shall be responsible for the issuance of licenses within the City by ordinance or state statute.

The City Clerk maintains and distributes city government records and provides administrative services to the City Council, including agendas, minutes, and all public documents.

Election administration is under the jurisdiction of the City Clerk and items such as voter registration, candidate petitions, and ballot questions are processed in the office.

The City Clerk also processes all licenses allowed by ordinance and serves as custodian of the City Seal.

To check the status of your voter registration, learn more about absentee voting, etc., please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.

Business Licenses expire each year on April 30th. A courtesy renewal notice is mailed in March of each year to all business that were licensed the previous year. The cost to renew a business license is $100. Renewal applications received after the due date of April 30th are subject to a $50 late fee, plus $30 per month until the license has been paid. Failure to renew a business license may result in a citation.

Birth certificates and death records are available through the Wayne County Clerk’s Office, and can be ordered online here:

The phone number for the Wayne County Vital Records Division is (313) 224-6262


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