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This is to let our residents know that these ordinances will be our priority but not limited to:

93.037 (B) Keeping grass below 7 inches
93.07 (C) Removing weeds from fences, sidewalks, alleyways, and property lines
50.013 Cleaning up all trash from property including 2 feet into the street and half the alley
50.007 (E) All trash cans shall be placed for collection no earlier than 6 p.m. the night before pick up and then taken back onto your property by 9 p.m. day of pick up
50.009 (J) Trash can needs to be graffiti free, closed, watertight, and in good repair
155.051 (F) (5) Posting address on front and rear of property (if there is no alley, you are not required to place the address behind; if no garage, place address on back of house).

Code Enforcement Flyer