Community and Economic Development (CED)

Community and Economic Development

3401 Evaline Street, Mezzanine
Hamtramck, MI 48212

The Community and Economic Development (CED) Department of Hamtramck serves the most culturally diverse residents in Michigan.  The goal of the department is to work with all community stakeholders to improve the Hamtramck’s quality of life.  CED is the primary contact and liaison for the City’s Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Special Events, Arts and Culture Commission, Beautification Commission, and Downtown Development Authority. To preserve and expand Hamtramck’s community and economic growth, CED is structured around the following core services: business support and economic development; community outreach and events; planning and zoning services.

Community and Economic Development and DDA Manager – Mara Braciszewski
313-800-5233 ext. 316
For business support and economic development, contact Mara.

Assistant Community and Economic Development and DDA Manager – Karolynn Faulkner
313-800-5233 ext. 332
For planning and zoning services, contact Karolynn.  

CED/DDA Coordinator – Ross Querro
313-800-5233 ext. 307
For community outreach and events, contact Ross.

DDA Coordinator Intern – Francesco Ferrara or
313-800-5233 ext. 326

From the Code of Ordinances, § 32.062: Community and Economic Development Director; Appointment; Requirements; Term of Office; Power and Duties

(A) Appointment.

(1) The City Council shall appoint a Community and Economic Development Director.

(2) The Community and Economic Development Department shall be under the supervision of the director of Community and Economic Development, who shall be responsible for the preparation of a plan and program for the orderly development of the city.

(B) Requirements. No person may be considered for the position that does not possess at least a four-year undergraduate degree in public administration, marketing, architecture, historic preservation, advertising, journalism, planning, business, or related field.

(C) Term of office. The City Council, through either a separate policy or employment agreement, shall establish the term of this position as well as salary and other conditions of employment.

(D) Power and duties.

(1) The Director shall be responsible for the preparation of needed revisions and adjustments to the community plan, as determined by the City Planning Commission and City Council.

(2) The Director shall be responsible for the preparation of basic information and data required by other departments in connection with the preparation or execution of any planning program.

Planning a project in Hamtramck? Pre-application meetings can be scheduled with CED staff by contacting the department.


Community Economic Development (CED) Documents

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3401 Evaline St
Hamtramck, MI 48212

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