Beginning on Wednesday, November 18th, Hamtramck City Hall will be closed to the public until further notice.

This is in response to the Governor’s COVID-19 update press conference yesterday and in regard for the health and safety of both the public and city employees. City hall staff will continue to be available. If you need information, you may call (313) 800-5233 and select the department you wish to speak to. Visit each department’s page on the website for department-specific email addresses and phone numbers.

Please use the drop box in front of city hall for any items you wish to deliver to staff. Also, the DivDat machine for payments is located in the lobby of city hall and at other locations throughout the metro area.

Please continue to stay safe by wearing your mask, washing hands frequently, and keeping social distance. Together we can work to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Pause To Save Lives

Social Gathering Guidance

Safe Social “Pods”

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has issued a revised emergency order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The emergency order, issued pursuant to the Public Health Code, includes civil and misdemeanor criminal penalties for violations.
Civil Violations
When education has failed to deter non-compliance, personnel may seek civil sanctions using the following procedures:
• Police will Investigate the incident and document it in an original incident report.
• Officers will complete a DHHS Emergency Order Violation Referral form (DIR-002). The “Date Order Issued” field shall list the date the emergency order violated was signed by the MDHHS Director.
• The police agency point of contact shall email the original incident report and the DIR-002 form to the MDHHS.
• The MDHHS will review submissions and issue civil citations as necessary. Notices to appear and follow-up questions will be routed from the MDHHS to the agency point of contact.
• When a civil violation is observed as part of an unrelated criminal matter, this is investigated and reported as a separate incident.
Criminal Violations
• Personnel may seek criminal charges for egregious or repeat violations of the emergency order.
• Personnel seeking criminal charges shall submit a warrant request to their local prosecutor as they would for any other crime.
• A copy of the emergency order violated shall be retained as an external document and included with the warrant request. A DIR-002 form is not required to be completed for criminal violations.
Enforcement members shall not make warrantless arrests or issue Uniform Law Citations for violations of MDHHS emergency orders.
Anyone wanting to report possible violations should call the Hamtramck Police Department NON-Emergency phone number at 313-800-5281.