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Downtown Development Authority

Mara Braciszewski
Community & Economic Development and DDA Manager

(313) 800-5233 ext. 316

The Hamtramck Downtown Development Authority supports people, projects and partnerships which further the economic growth and stability of a thriving Hamtramck.

From the Code of Ordinances:


The City Council hereby determines that it is necessary and in the best interest of the city to halt property value deterioration and increase property tax valuation where possible in the downtown businses district and to eliminate the causes of deterioration and promote economic growth by establishing a downtown development authority pursuant to Public Act 197 of 1975, being MCLA §§ 125.1651 through 125.1680.

(Ord. 519, passed 5-23-2006)

Current Members

Lawrence Ingram (PNC Bank)
Ahmad Al-Hasan (Nice Price)
John Grossi (Amicci’s Pizza)
Mark J. Hausner (Beignets, LLC)
Vincent Szymborski – Chair (Huntington Bank)
Dr. Shamiran Golani (Gonali Dental Center)
Joan Bittner (Polish Art Center)
Dr. Karen Majewski – Mayor, Ex Officio (Tekla Vintage)
Andrew Kopietz (Good Done Daily)
Milo Madole
Abdulaziz Jobeh

Downtown Sign and Facade Improvement Grant Application 2021

2021-22 Meeting Schedule

The DDA Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7:05 pm EST via Zoom.  See Zoom Notice below.

Zoom Notices – DDA

DDA Meeting Agendas (2021)

Agenda January 2021
Agenda February 2021
Agenda March 2021
Agenda April 2021
Agenda May 2021
Agenda June 2021
Agenda July 2021
Agenda August 2021

Past DDA Meeting Minutes

Economic Vitality and Design

To promote, encourage, and facilitate the development of responsible and properly planned business and industrial growth within the community in order to expand and strengthen the local economy and improve the quality of life enjoyed by locals and visitors.

Organization and Promotion Committee

To ensure all stakeholders are working towards a shared vision while generating activity and fostering community pride to create a positive image of Hamtramck.


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Hamtramck, MI 48212

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