City of Hamtramck, Michigan

Business License

The City of Hamtramck requires licensing relative to a variety of areas based on the City’s Code of Ordinances.

General Business License

All business owners who operate a business in the City of Hamtramck must obtain an annual business license. Each licensee shall post and maintain the license issued in a location where it may be seen at all times. Every licensee shall permit all reasonable inspections and at all times comply with the laws and regulations applicable to such business and all applicable ordinances and regulations of the city.

Registration and Renewal

Business Licenses expire each year on June 30th. A courtesy renewal notice is mailed in May of each year to all business that were licensed the previous year. The cost to renew a business license is $100. All renewal applications are due by July 1st and are subject to a $50 late fee after this date.

An application for a new business must be submitted to the City Clerk with a $100 fee (Check or money order). Applications may be obtained from the City Clerk, 3401 Evaline, Hamtramck, MI 48212. Click on the link below to print a Business License Application.

General Business License Application Process

Business Application

Home Based Business Addendum

Hamtramck Rental Property License Application

Business Alarm Registration Form (AR B1)

Fireworks Application

Peddler Application

Special Parking Application

Pet License

Hamtramck residents are required to license their Pet(s) with the City Clerk. The fee for each cat or dog is $10. Proof of a current rabies vaccination is required when registering the pet, which must be done in person in the Clerk’s Office, 3401 Evaline, Hamtramck, MI 48212.

Park Event Application

Click here to view the Park Event Application.

Garage Sale

Hamtramck residents who desire to hold a garage sale (yard sale, rummage sale, basement sale or any other similarly termed sale) must first obtain a permit form the City Clerk. The permit must be posted at the location of the sale so as to be visible to the public. Residents are limited to (2) two permits within any 12-month period and each sale may not run longer than (3) three consecutive days. The cost for the permit is $10. No signs advertising a garage sale shall be placed upon any public property. (2) Two signs are allowed on private property with the consent of the property owner and must be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the sale.

Other License Applications

     Bicycle Application

For information on other licenses please contact the Clerk’s Office at 313-800-5233 ext. 821.