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Fire Chief

From the City Charter: Sec. 9-17

The chief of the fire department shall be the head of the fire department of the City of Hamtramck. He shall have the qualifications prescribed by Chapter 5 Sec. 5-01 of this charter for appointive officers, and in addition shall reside within a thirty (30) mile radius of the city, except as otherwise provided in MCL 15.602.

(a) He shall be responsible for the faithful performance of his duties to the city manager. He shall have the power and authority to make all proper rules for the government and discipline of the fire department, subject to the approval of the city attorney and city manager.

(b) He shall be responsible for making application for available resources for the fire department and shall provide a quarterly report to the city manager regarding these applications.

(c) He shall design an effective training program for the fire department, and recommend such training program to the city manager. Such training shall be reported to council by the city manager on a semi-annual basis.

(d) He shall submit to the city manager each year, as in this charter provided, an estimate in detail of the expenditures of his department for the ensuing year, to be included in the yearly budget, and shall make such other reports as may be required by the city manager, provisions of this charter or by law or ordinance of the city.

(e) He shall have the custody and control of all evidentiary property, books, records, and equipment belonging to the fire department.

(f) He shall have such powers, duties, and responsibilities as are conferred by laws of the state, and the provisions of this charter, and the ordinances of the city council.