Notice of Public Hearing

City of Hamtramck – Department of Community and Economic Development

Notice is given to any and all interested parties that a public hearing will take place at the March 23, 2021 Regular City Council Meeting. This is a public hearing before the Council votes on two Department of Natural Resources grant applications: the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and Land and Water Conservation Fund.  The applications are to receive grant funding for the Veterans Memorial Park and Hamtramck Stadium ADA accessible Restroom Facility Renovation project.  The project is the renovation of one ADA accessible restroom facility including a drinking fountain and utility infrastructure for Hamtramck Stadium and Veterans Memorial Park as part of the Hamtramck Recreation District. In order for the facility to be universally designed, the project will also feature a repaved path from the Hamtramck Stadium parking lot to the restroom facility.  Considering the intense activity of Veterans Park, a restroom and drinking fountain are critical to enhancing the quality of life, health and well-being of the diverse community and many users of the park. The purpose of the public hearing is to discuss the applications and to determine if they should be approved by the City Council.