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Property for Sale

The City of Hamtramck will be selling surplus and vacant property from time to time. Notices for sales will be listed on this website, posted in City Hall and advertised in our newspaper of record “The Review.” City of Hamtramck surplus and vacant property sales may be conducted as live auctions, by sealed bid or in another manner. Please read the notices carefully for instructions related to bidding on specific properties.

The Police Department holds auctions from time to time as well.  Check the PD’s Facebook page regularly for upcoming events.  Current auction items are listed below.

Real Property for Sale

The City of Hamtramck is selling land for residential development. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Download Property Information & Application HERE

Completed applications are reviewed by City Council.
If approved by Council, the City and Developer will sign the Parcel Purchase & Development Agreement.
City & Developer Close on the Sale.
Developers have 24-months to develop the land into residential units.
Developer may request a 1-year extension from City Council.
Below is a list of available properties as of 11/3/2022. Download the application for more property details.

The city reserves the right to remove properties from this list at any time and does not guarantee that the list is up to date. Property applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3011 Goodson – SOLD

2997 Goodson – SOLD

2290 Goodson – SOLD

2284 Goodson – SOLD

9509 Gallagher – SOLD

9466 McDougall – SOLD

8800 Lumpkin – SOLD

5142 Yemans

5083 Evaline

3964 Prescott – SOLD

3888 Miller

3351 Doremus

3105 Goodson – SOLD

2442 Andrus – SOLD

2352 Carpenter

2330 Grayling

2328 Carpenter

2322 Carpenter

2278 Goodson

2237 Andrus

2079 Belmont

1926 Belmont

1708 Woodland

12086 Nagel

12056 Nagel

12050 Nagel

12042 Nagel

11811 Dyar

11810 Dyar

11805 Dyar

11804 Dyar

11799 Dyar

11798 Dyar

11761 Dequindre

11751 Dyar

11738 Sobieski – SOLD

11738 Grand Haven

11720 Dyar

11719 Dequindre

11701 Dequindre

11562 Nagel – SOLD

11551 Lumpkin

11513 Dequindre

11476 Dyar

11452 Dyar

11434 Nagel

11422 Dyar

11416 Dyar

2261 Andrus Street – SOLD

2371 Danforth Street – SOLD


The Hamtramck Residential Zoning Code can be found here.

Please contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 313-800-5231 x 818 with any questions.

APPLY TODAY! Download an application and return in person or by mail to the Community and Economic Devlopment Department.

Mailing Address: 

Community and Economic Development Department
3401 Evaline Street
Hamtramck MI 48212



Auction Items

None at this time.



3401 Evaline St
Hamtramck, MI 48212

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